Carnage Gaming


Carnage is a new and upcoming way to play in tournaments, stream and just hangout in a safe place from gaming politics. As a member of Carnage you will be responsible for your own experience where you can master your skills, meet new team mates and get support for your streams. It’s an easy way to network, earn extra money via gaming and meet some awesome new players! Once you have a solid team or squad you wish to compete with, tell a leader who will ensure you are entered into a tournament you are capable of winning.

For the streamers Carnage is a way for you to network, support each other, learn new techniques and overall grow your streams. You can help support each other and newer streamers by promoting your friends streams.

For the casual gamer you are more than welcome here, you can always look to game with each other, discuss new games, have a general chat with like minded gamers or just hangout and listen to music.

Carnage isn’t like other communities or clans as it’s not policed and the rules aren’t endless. All we ask are you enjoy your time here, you game, you don’t cause drama and that you have common human decency. It’s 18+ for a reason as it’s a safe place for adults to be adults and game, network but mainly be what gaming is suppose to be, FUN!


Click one of the streamers to view their stream!


Come join the Carnage Gaming server on 7 Days to Die! Seeking 18+ players for a chill, hang out and vibe PvE world run! New server, not many players at present as we are always looking to grow! 8k Map 20 Slots! Space is limited at present! Get in while you can!


Current Mods:
12 Slot Crafting
3 Slot Forge
3 Skill Points per Level
Shorter Enemy Reach
HP Bars Increased
Animals (ungodly amounts)
Lootable Zombies (slightly)
No Digging Zombies
Pickup Extended Supply Crates

SWorking Stuff

Tier6 Crafting

Vanilla Expanded Storage

Wheel Fix
PhD Bigger Backpacks
HUD Plus
Weapons of Some Destruction


Rates slightly ajusted:

65 Zombies/Player
Nomad/Normal Difficulty
Max View Distance set at 8
Players damage at 150%
XP gain 175%
2Hour RL Day Cycle
Zombie Night Jog 200
Loot Abundance
Land Claim: 3 per Player
50 Claim Size
30 Claim Dead Zone


Come jump in and have some fun, relax and chill. Enjoy the 7 Nights to Live!